Hranice na Moravě (CZ)

Social housing

This is a proposal for a small social housing complex in Hranice, Czech Republic. Focusing on the needs of the end users, including people with physical disabilities, we created a small sustainable building of 25 apartments which takes into consideration the municipality’s environmental and financial concerns too. 

In order to  improve the sustainability performance of the building, the team included:


  • 400 sqm of 66 kw photovoltaics panels which will cover for 75% of the annual electrical demand;
  • rainwater harvesting systems that will reduce the usage of fresh water by 50%;

  • photocatalytic coating which will reduce the atmospheric pollutants levels by 47%.

  • The project also includes a garden and a conservatory on the roof which are aimed at promoting social interactions while reducing the end users’ monthly food spent.

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