5th building MSIC

The Fifth building of MSIC is the last building which should be built in Technological park in Ostrava. The location of MSIC building is on a big slope, facing the south. The area is surrounded by a forest from the west-south and residential buildings of smaller scale on the north.


The concept of the project takes inspiration from the traditional Czech castles for two main reasons; location and function. The location of MSIC building is on a big slope, facing the south side and reminds the hills were castles were erected in the past.

As second reason, castles are used to protect people from the outside, in specific, Charles IV castle we took as reference, was built to keep the royal crown. The principal function of the project, as test area, is to protect knowledge. Studying the composition of traditional castle, we found some elements that feature it and we repeated in our project, reversing the meaning.

Architectural solution

The MSIC building develops on 5 levels above the ground plus one basement, located for parking and technical equipments.

At first 2 levels we find the core of the project, the test area. Built on a rectangle of 1,100 sqm with a solution of continuity without columns that interrupt the space, this is the best layout for the function cause extremely flexible. Client, in future, can easily customize the area based on his needs.

At the lower floor we have laboratories, toilets and changing rooms. 2 delivery areas at east and west side guarantee the entrance of trucks. At the upper level there are offices and meeting rooms. The layout of the floorplans is symmetric and can be split in 2 independent parts, keeping same functions and same amenities. The south surface of the test area is treated as a big curtain glass wall with external horizontal louvers.

Outdoor, facing north side, there is a big drop off area and the gate for the underground parking.

Rising the building we reach the level of the lobby, connected to the outdoor parking through a pedestrian bridge that floats on the drop off area. Here we have another strong element, present in castle: the bridge. In our project is not a fast passage that just divides indoor with outdoor; it is the experience that bring you to the entrance of MSIC building with the opportunity to admire the cantilever roof that embraces and protects visitors.

Inside the building is located a big greenhouse high 3 levels that divides in 2 wings. The roof is glassed in order to get as much daylight as possible. The architectural layout, again, is perfectly symmetrical and can be split on client requirements. On this level we find space for laboratories and coworking. At the 2 upper floors there are offices. The greenhouse is the core of the project, fulcrum around which all functions develop.

Based on NASA study of ’80 to find plants able to clean air on space stations, we used some of these 17 essences. The greenhouse will have a double role; it will improve the quality of the indoor space and will naturally clean the air, reducing the usage of mechanical system.

The big shell of the roof is composed by 2,000 sqm of PV panels that will cover 60% of electricity consumption. Outdoor, on the south side, there is a lake of 1,500 sqm where rainwater are collected and cleaned through phytopurification process. Grey water goes in specific tank and, once cleaned, are reused in the system for toilets saving 70% of water compared with a traditional building.

Technological principles

The building uses technological principles of green and inteligent buildings as:

  • – PV cells integrated in glass roof system
  • – Reusing of waste water for toilet evaporative system and irrigation of indoor greenery
  • – Cleaning rain water with phytopurification and aquaponia
  • – Greenery inside to prevent sick building syndrom
  • – Electric vehicle charging
  • – Tx active photocatalytic concrete
  • – Geothermal loops and reversible heat pump

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