Leisure center – Nydek (CZ)


Building concept is based on requirements of investor and of terrain slope.

We worked on fluent and logical connections of interior and exterior functions.

The approach to the resulting design is based on a seamless and logical interconnection of internal and external functions. The gable roof with a ridge in the middle of the playground creates a high-quality symmetrical interior space and outdoor mass that responds to the history of the place, accompanied by the feeling of traditional rural development, but in a modern concept. The flat roof above the western part separated the entrance and cultural part from the sports part. To settle such a large object in a village development, the facade is structured horizontally. The insertion of the mass in the corner from the access side creates a terrace, which is an extension of the inner social space. It also underlines the breathtaking view of the Beskydy Mountains.

An important element completing the facade is the battens covering the window strip on the south side of the building. They help to protect the interior of the hall from the southern light. They act as sunbreakers.

The building is multifunctional, containing a sports ground with facilities for players and coaches, with separate clean and dirty space. There are 4 changing rooms for teams, offering the possibility of organizing tournaments and school events. Team changing rooms are not located in the underground part, so their backlighting will be solved using skylights. Playgrounds, wellness areas, guest changing rooms, bicycles, technical and storage facilities are also located on this floor. The grandstand offers seating for more than 150 visitors, also standing, and is accessible from the second floor. On the same floor there is a library, visually open to the entrance lobby area, but also a playground, offering a very interesting view of both areas. A bar with a seating area and terrace access is also located on this floor. Interconnection of both floors is solved in the entrance lobby area by a staircase or elevator.


The supporting structure is designed as a reinforced concrete combined system. The façade cladding is designed from wood cladding, specifically from Siberian larch for its weather resistance and interesting color of patina, which will be created in a few years. Optically grows with place. Facing concrete is used on the plinth of the building. The roof is covered with anthracite sheet metal.

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